The following is personal. But there is no platform for sharing this with friends, whether its Internet-friends, real-friends, an audience or an AI. Why? I want to change that, but for now using

The 1st of April I decided to work 1 hour a day at creative work of software innovation in the fields of information mapping, graph-reasoning and improved UX.

A month later, reviewing the progress of April, I see that what’s been made is a first draft about hierarchical displaying of content with + and — buttons, with underscore’s of sentences of expanded text indicating which level the text is in. Another milestone is a draft of how collapse/expand functionality in notes-taking and publishing could look like. I’ve also realized minor improvements in UX, like displaying markdown on selected text. Also found about TiddlyMap which is a great open-source project that can be built on-top of for a greater large-scale adaption.

On other notes, I have now met a great software developer who’s during the month of April developed 1/3 of required modules for MVP of price-comparison site. Starting May with 6 million products, 60.000 merchants and a functioning request & logging system — we are now ready to start understanding the products and displaying them. During the month of April I haven’t measured but estimate I’ve spent around 50 hours on the price-comparison site.

Good news is another developer is here, investors are still onboard although the slow wind, and I am starting to get into the mindset of concentrating my previous creative output into productive creation.

Personally, I have done quite a bit of meditation during this month, Ive enjoyed presence. I’ve got myself a football and majorly improved my football and basketball skills. Ive sorted out travel plans with a trip to Australia coming up, and then likely spending the summer in Sweden.

Looking forward, for the month of May, I will spend 30 minutes every single day on draft of MVP for note-taking app. I will do this regardless of travel-plans, on my computer or in undesired case, on paper. I will log this with Timing Mac app, or if on paper manual via a clock.

Blessed to be alive. Thats probably the main theme of April — enjoying existence.

Distributed, safe, happy human development

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